New web host!

Yayyy!!! We finally have a new web host!

Sorry to those of you who may have been missing our website.  Our last web host deleted our account, and all of our content, without warning, and without backing up our files.  I battled with them for a week, trying to find any way they could restore our website, or provide a backup of our content.  In the end, they wished us well and shut everything off almost 6wks before our contract was up.

So, I searched the web for a new host. I read all the fine print and asked tons of questions.  In the end, we found a company that is run like a co-op. It is owned and operated by the same folks who answer the phones.

I liked the honest and frank way they addressed my questions and concerns.  Their price was about mid-range, but they had strong offerings and a 90-day money back guarantee.  That’s something few others offered.

So, I still have a lot of work ahead of me.  I still have to track down all the photos we lost, and re-construct some of the content from scratch.  Some of the tools that I really liked are no longer available, but I’ll find good replacements.

If you have concerns or suggestions, please feel free to submit them through our new contact form.

If you lost your email account, I’m sorry!  We cannot get that back, but we can provide you with a new account that offers more control, better webmail clients, and a lot more.  I really like the improvements offered by our new web host.

See you at the meeting!

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