Our Purpose:

To be a nonprofit organization for the purpose of social education and recreation activities, to protect our national resources and to encourage participation in conservation projects, to support the California association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs - Inc and to enjoy family recreation.


We’re turning 50!

Get details and let us know if you can make it.  We would also appreciate you notifying any past Goats you may know.  Use our Party Form to RSVP, let us know you’re coming, make suggestions, or let us know how to reach somebody you think would like to be notified.

Hope to see you there!


Random fun from our photo galleries

Through these portals pass some of the finest people in the world. The friends, and fellow four wheelers of the Capital City Mountain Goat Four Wheel Drive Club. No group is more dedicated to enjoying the sport of four wheeling and at the same time encouraging and teaching others how to participate in and preserve the trails for the future of this sport, than the members of this club.